Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dog Tired

I am drug out dog tired tonight. I got up 30 minutes early this morning to work on lesson plans because it's too hard to work in the morning with the Munchkin in my classroom. Not that I don't appreciate his singing the ABC's on my classroom microphone. It's just hard to get much done when you are reminding someone to EAT YOUR BREAKFAST for the thirtieth time in as many minutes. School started and I taught until lunch. By "lunch" I mean the sandwich that I ate while hovering over the RIZO machine making copies for the PTA. I taught until school was out...wait, you have a prep every day, too? It seems like everyone in the world has a daily prep period except for Northern Nevada teachers. Make that Northern Nevada elementary school teachers. (Yeah, middle and high school teachers, I'm glaring at you right now). I worked until 4:45 doing the stuff that I might have done had I had a prep today, then ran and picked up the kids. At home I tumbled them out of the car and into soccer gear, ate a speedy dinner of microwaved fat-free hot dogs, and tossed them back into the car. We headed to the park for the game. I think the soccer game was the first time I sat down all day; that is, until Bean pooped her pants. Thankfully it was at the end of the game since there were no paper towels or toilet paper in either bathroom. We headed back home for baths, books and bed, after which, I worked on some more beginning-of-the-year parent phone calls (I have to call them all by Friday). Writing this blog is the first thing I've done for myself all day! The Geek is in school tonight so I won't see him until tomorrow. He gets mad when I say how easy it would be to just get to go sit in class for a while and I know how much he misses the kids during the semester. I do have to say, though, that after a day like today, sitting in class sounds kind of nice. (Sorry Geek. I love you.)

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ms-teacher said...

Hats off to elementary teachers! I don't know how you do it wit the little ones, especially without a prep. Our elementary school teachers don't have prep either, but it is something we are trying to negotiate!

I hope that you are able to relax and take some true time for yourself soon.