Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I miss you, blog

Between teaching a new grade level and having almost thirty kids in my class, Munchkin's soccer, and being on the PTA board--I'm not sure I'm going to make it through September. Just the paper grading alone is enough to put me under (and I've kind of prided myself on speedy grading practices in the past). I feel like I'm bringing mountains of papers home at night. Nose-picking and bloody teeth falling out aside, 2nd grade was nice in that the grading was pretty easy. I think the problem is that my personal life (well, not that it feels like my life is mine, personally, right now) isn't allowing me to stay late at school this year like I have in the past. It's amazing how much we really do have to work outside our contracted hours in order to do our job well. (If you disagree with that statement...please let me know how you do it!)

I miss blogging, I miss reading. I miss gardening (I'm sure I have zucchini out there the size of watermelons, right now). I will figure out a way to take care of myself this school year. I hope you are doing the same, faithful blog-reader.

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Todd said...

I will be forever living down the 9months worth of my husbands nagging to get the heartburn checked out, surely as soon as I concede and go to the doctor for the first time in a year, I find my sorry self having surgery, this will be harder to live down than the time i ran out of gas on the way home from school and the husband had to put the surprise valentines day dinner on the back burner to come get me out of the snow banks. --Little sister