Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An exercise in thinking positive

After the day I had at work, I'm choosing to hone in on as many positive things that happened as I can. That way maybe I'll feel like going back tomorrow.

1. My writing lesson kicked butt. I've taken over the writing instruction in my classroom for this last quarter of the year (long story there) and it is rockin' so far. The kids are engaged. They want to write every spare minute of the day. It is the most positive time of my day because even the kids who struggle at so many other things are finding success in writing this week. I love it.

2. One of my struggling reading groups is just taking off this week. These are the kids who normally read for five minutes and then mentally wander around the room for the other 25 minutes of independent reading. They are so jazzed about the two books we are working on (Maniac Magee for the whole class and Bunnicula for their small group) that I think they forgot that they don't like reading. This is excellent news!

3. I practically fell into a piece-of-cake club for this last quarter. After waiting until the last minute to declare my club (I decided to do Paper Airplane Statistics Club) I was notified that someone was already doing a Club That Has Something to Do with Flying Things. This was like the last straw after a mostly very bad day (which I'm choosing not to write about, of course). So, five minutes before I had to leave I was scrambling for a club idea when my VP suggested I do the Reading Club. Now this is such a cushy club (think kids sacked out on pillows reading) that I just assumed that someone had already snatched it up. But she said that no one had picked it yet, so viola! I ended up with the best club of all, somehow.


I'm sure there must have been something else that went right at work, but I have forgotten it. In any case, this exercise seems to have worked. I feel like going back tomorrow, which is a vast improvement on my mood thirty minutes ago!

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