Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first day off

I considered today to be my first day of vacation because on any other Sunday I would have written lesson plans and possibly graded some papers. Here is a list of things I accomplished did today:
  1. I concentrated hard on my soil to see if any new sprouts were sprouting. I counted 3 new sunflower sprouts and 1 new green bean sprout.
  2. I took the Munchkin out for a green Slurpee in a green cup with a green straw. Green's his favorite color.
  3. I curled up in a patch of sunlight on the couch and took a nap (just like a cat).
  4. I scooped up the Bean's clothes each time she changed them and deposited them on the hallway floor. (Hubby did all the laundry--did I tell you he's the love of my life?)
  5. I spent time monitoring the soaker hose to see if my garden is getting too much water.
  6. I rolled off the couch at about 6:30 and made shish kabobs.
  7. I bawled my way through the last chapter of my book club book Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs.

How was your first day off (or how will it be)?


Cassy said...

I still have two weeks to go!!! You seem to have enjoyed your 1st day. I can't wait - my plan is to hit the movie theater a couple of times each week with my 11-yr old, and read, read, read! Oh yeah, and many naps (with my cat!), and have ice-cream, stay up late and sleep in.......

Mary Alice said...

Ohhh I like number three...napping in a patch of sunlight.