Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gearin' up for the last week

I'm trying to stay focused. If I don't, I'm afraid all craziness will break loose in room 305. One day last year (when I taught sixth grade) I had a terrible headache in the middle of the day and couldn't get a sub. I wrote the assignment on the board with a note that said "Please be nice to Mrs. ____" and I put my head on my desk for the rest of the afternoon. Let me tell you, those were the sweetest, most hardworking kids I had seen all year. Second graders are not like that. You give them an inch, they run for the touchdown. SO, I've decided to teach like its the week before CRT's. Poetry, Expository text features, Solar System, Multiplication, Centripetal force--maybe they will be so busy, they won't realize we're already down to 30 hours and 45 minutes...and yes, I AM counting.

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