Sunday, September 14, 2008


I made it out to the garden this morning and found that the garden doesn't care whether I visit regularly or not. Stuff just keeps growing and growing without me. I cut one of the smaller giant zukes up into strips, dipped the strips in tempura batter and deep fried them. I haven't deep fried anything since I started weight watchers five years ago. Man, they were yummy! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all those cucumbers, though. I'll put them in the teacher's lounge tomorrow. Every teacher knows that the lounge is like the black hole for food. I once put a nine-by-thirteen pan of Mom's pistachio dessert out before school started and that sucker was gone by first recess. It looked like they had licked the pan. I bet the cucumbers don't go that fast, though.

Anyone have a recipe that calls for humongous zucchini? I can't let them go to waste since it was my beginning-of-the-school-year neglect that made them like this. I'm personally responsible. When I first saw them out there this morning I felt actual guilt. Like some mad scientist experimenting in zucchini deformity. My conscience won't allow me to make fried zucchini every night this week and we've had more than enough zucchini bread this summer. I don't think they'll be good sauteed, but I guess I could try it. I could send zucchini sticks in Munchkin's backpack for snack (but he'd probably disown me). I thought about entering them for a giant zucchini prize in the county fair, but we don't have a fair, here. Can you use them to carve jack 'o lanterns? I promise to garden responsibly from now on.


Anonymous said...

Love the vegetables! Mine didn't fair as well! God Bless, Melissa

Todd said...

should freeze pretty well, the bread definitely would, you could make 10 of moms zucchini casseroles and freeze them in aluminum pans, ready to bake, pull one out for dinner or keep them on hand when you have a sick or post surgical mommy-friend.
--The little sister

Cassy said...

LOVE zucchini! I saw a crockpot recipe somewhere for eggplant parmigiana - do you think you could layer zukes, crumbs, cheese, spaghetti sauce,and get the same effect?

sexy said...