Monday, May 5, 2008

Hoofin' it

Honey got stranded on the side of the highway at about midnight, Thursday. Something really bad happened to the car. It involved sparks and billowing smoke and a big hole in the oil pan. Luckily, he was close to town so he walked to the truck stop/gas station and asked to use the phone (his cell was dead, as luck would have it). The clerk refused to let him borrow the phone! I'm not sure why, but I know it's not store policy because they've let me use it there once before. Their one payphone stole his last dollar, so he started to walk the five miles home. After about an hour spent walking and trying to get someone to stop and help him, he flagged down a sheriff who, after checking to see if he had any warrants (he doesn't) offered him a ride home. The Sheriff said he was "Just out fightin' crime and shit." (I thought that was the best part of the story, so I had to put it in.) Honey said he was prayin' I wasn't up looking out the window at the time he was being let out of a sheriff's cruiser.

I've often boasted that I'm the last person around who doesn't own a cell phone. I thought it was unnecessary to have one because, in an emergency, you could count on people to help you out. I'm not sure this is true, anymore. Are people not as courteous as they once were? Or are we too afraid? I guess I can understand being afraid to stop for a big man like my husband at 1:00 in the morning--but to not let him use the phone at the gas station just seems silly.

He's all better. The car is pretty much deceaced so we traded it in (can you believe they would take it?) and bought something a lot newer and more comfortable gas-wise.


Polski3 said...

I really don't think folks are as helpful as they once were. I too, do not have a cell phone. Nor does anyone in my family. But the pressure is on, as we have two "soon to be" teens.....

Re: Teaching Notetaking. Check out the AVID stuff. They have lessons on the Cornell Note taking system. It is a good system and once the kids learn it, it can be a good learning tool. However, getting them to use ANY note taking system as a learning tool can be an uphill struggle.

AVID has a website that if you search through it, you can get some free stuff. Or, If you like, I can send you photocopies of some of the Cornell Note taking stuff. You can leave me your address (home or school) and I'd need your real name too. Except for whoever'd see it on my blog, I keep confidences. But, be happy to help you.

JaydeEyes said...

Society has instilled in itself our profound distrust of man. This is sad but true. Is our crime up? Not likely. Our communication, information availability and marketing for news is. I love "honey" as my own, but would I have stopped for him at 1am, not knowing him? Probably not. Would I have stopped the car, kept the foot on the gas while I rolled the window down just far enough to squeeze the phone out the crack? Probably if felt that in not doing so, someones health was in danger. By trade I serve and heal, this is much easier to accomplish with those that I am less then mostly sure are ready to kick my butt. I am much too young to be this cynical.

Horto said...

Get a cell phone!