Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's see how this works

I decided to jump right in. It is my first post of my first-ever blog. Who will read it? How will they even know it's here? I'm sure I have interesting things to say, but now I'm drawing a blank. This must be what writer's block feels like--type, erase, type type, erase. I guess I should just post this, then my first time will be over with. If you stumbled upon this bit of late night rambling (and actually read this far), could you let me know. I'll write something interesting next time.


TeacherDee said...

There is so much blank space. "I don't think anyone will find it," I said. My husband asked me how I think the "From the trenches..." guy got started. I guess he has a point. I'll go to bed and see if anyone reads my blog while I'm sleeping.

afaj said...

Well lets see, I found it did I not? I think you have a lot going for you. Soon you will be a duchess in the land of Blog. I know, I know, a land called Blog? Who would want to live there? Well my sweet many do live there, and many of them are very happy. So you just keep rambling, and "type type, erase"-ing and you will see. You be happy, very happy indeed.