Monday, April 21, 2008

Do elementary school teachers blog?

It's time to go to bed. I set out tonight to find a good elementary school teacher blog. Why are all the education blogs written by high school teachers? Do they have more time on their hands or just more interesting things to write about? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them. Especially this time of year. I read three blogs about parents' sudden interest in their kids' grades (with graduation looming). We don't worry about that here. My darlings have been pledging to "get ready for third grade" for 150 days and I think they are about "ready."

Speaking of ready. I'm ready to be no longer teaching second grade. I just found out I'm getting the fifth grade position next year and I'm practically salivating over the social studies standards. I took second grade in order to teach closer to home (45 minutes closer) and, while I've grown to kind of love them this year, it will be nice to not have teeth falling out in the middle of language arts.

I'm working on ways to promote this blog. It would be nice if someone besides my husband were reading it!

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